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Tabula Rasa Healthcare

JRP Architects was retained by TABULA RASA HEALTH CARE to provide interior design services for the expansion of their corporate headquarters in Moorestown, NJ. The company now occupies one building of three on the Moorestown campus and with the completion of this floor they will begin the occupation of a second building. JRP Architects was directed to design a space to accommodate the movement of their information technology department. The 25,000 square foot space has been designed with the latest trends in open plan office design.

Private offices are spread around the outside in order to take advantage of the windows.

The work cubicles are low and will borrow light from the glass walls of the offices.

Conference rooms and private “phone booths” are spread through-out the plan. Large meeting spaces, break out areas and dining facilities are provided for the employees.


Many of the design ideas are consistent with the latest movement toward wellness and active areas for the health of employees.


Workspace Trends: A Prescription for Healthier Design

Today’s companies are rethinking the physical environment, as research shows the correlation between the office space and employee health.
Evolving trends have shifted from maximizing space for more cubicles to office space planning that focuses on employee happiness and wellbeing.

Activity centers, break out spaces, creativity hubs, private ‘phone’ booths and ergonomic furnishings are features that factor into healthy, ‘human-centered’ design strategy. Designs that integrate natural lighting and elements like wood, greenery or water promote a sense of work place satisfaction and wellbeing. Workspaces consciously designed for employee health are a holistic complement to corporate wellness initiatives.

The benefits to companies adopting a healthier approach to workspace design include greater employee retention and an increase in both creativity and productivity. The result: a healthier work force and a healthier bottom line.

If you are interested in creating a workspace designed for employee wellbeing, contact JRP Architects for a consultation.