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We have over twenty years of experience in satisfying our clients. Whether it is new construction or adaptive re-use; commercial development or single family residential, we assist our clients from conceptual design through construction administration.

Construction Management

We offer our clients more than just design and documentation. In some projects we are asked to provide project management during the construction phase. We work with their budgets, review their schedules and coordinate the site work and building construction. Our construction management team picks up where the design team left off in a seamless transition.

Interior Design

As architects, we are expected to fully design the structure of a building but we go another step forward by offering interior design services that complement the architectural design. Our interior department works with the architects from the onset of a project in reviewing the space plan requirements and understanding the occupants use of the building. This teamwork gives our clients the best design from the very beginning of the process.

Master Planning

JRP Architects is often given the responsibility to evaluate a site from the very beginning. To determine the potential and best use as well as the feasibility of a use. We can review the appropriate codes and ordinances, prepare sketch solutions and propose architectural solutions that can satisfy the program for the present as well as the future.


JRP Architects is committed to the preservation of existing architecture where ever feasible. We are also committed to the preservation of the environment. We are members of the USGBC and apply the LEED design principals in all of our projects. When we renovated the building we purchased seven years ago we elected to install energy efficient lighting, dual flush toilets and air hand dryers. We used solar tube lighting in the studio and zoned our high efficiency HVAC unit. We designed the outdoor planting to be drought resistant and indigenous to our regional environment. Our intent was to use the office as a showroom for clients to visualize what sustainability is.