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Tabula Rasa

This exquisite home was already a lovely, well-functioning home that had gone through extensive renovations before the new clients approached JRP Architects. The residents were appreciative of the home as it was for their family needs, but they were interested in including some additional amenities and, more importantly, they wanted to add a large entertaining space to host fund-raising events for local charities. Renovations included additional basement space to provide for an elevator lobby that allowed access between the basement space and the upper floors, a cafe and wet-bar area, and a two-piece bath. To add to the entertainment function of the home, a play space for the children, a bowling alley, and virtual golf were added to the design. On the first floor, architects added to the design a Grand Hall for charity functions with glass doors opening to a large patio space; to make sure the space would function for events, a service kitchen, a bar, and a connective hall that led to a second outdoor patio were made part of the addition. Also included in the design was an indoor basketball court with doors leading to a third patio area. The second floor addition gave the residents a library/art gallery space that was open to the impressive Grand Hall below, a laundry area, and the upstairs elevator lobby. The reimagined home was a wonderful home for the clients and their children, with amenities that created many precious memories as the children grew; more significantly for the homeowners, the new spaces allowed them to pursue their passion for giving back to the community, and they have been able to host abundant charitable events for a variety of worthy causes.