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Biophilic Design at Church Hill

Welcome Spring 2023

Churchill Village

Newtown, CT

Spring is in the air, and everyone is cleaning debris from porches and patios in preparation for spending more time outdoors. We all love to expand our living space and invite nature in when the weather gets warm. But not everyone is able to appreciate the changes in nature; the senior population, in particular is often relegated to spending their days indoor and rarely has the chance to let the sun shine on their faces or to breathe in the delicious spring air. That is why JRP Architects is committed to reimagining life in Senior Residences to include biophilic design: the concept of bringing the outdoors in. Churchill Village, a project designed by our firm that opened in 2020, incorporates several elements of biophilic design to provide for a more integrated outdoor and indoor environment.
When you step into Churchill Village buildings, the first thing you notice is the light and airy spaces. Glass walls at the ends of corridors allow residents delightful views of the landscaping rather than a dead end wall. Unique pyramid skylights flood the spaces with light and create a warm, uplifting atmosphere throughout the building. Views through windows in both private resident spaces and the shared “neighborhood” areas around which the private rooms are grouped allow for unobstructed views of natural landscaping; residents can watch birds eat at feeders and rabbits scamper about the lawn from the comfort of their own quarters or while visiting with friends in the shared spaces. One floor living for all residents allows everyone to enjoy access to outdoor spaces as well, whether to bask in the sun or share a cup of coffee or wine with friends on the patio. The dining area encourages residents to enjoy the outdoors as well as huge windows on the outside wall enhance their dining experience and the green wall actually brings the outdoors inside.
Biophilic design adds a great deal to the sensory experience of the residents of Churchill Village. No one wants to be robbed of the beauty of nature, the scent of flowers, or the feel of sun on one’s face. It’s time to let the sun shine in!