Renovations and Additions

Renovations and Additions

Your home is the place where memories have been made over the years, and it is precious to you. Sometimes, however, the home you love no longer suits your needs, or it could be updated to make your life more pleasurable. A renovation of your existing home is often less expensive than buying and moving to a new house, and your house can be remodeled to accommodate the unique needs of your family. During our initial consultation, for which there is never a fee, we will listen carefully to your ideas, then make suggestions about the renovations or additions that might be made before walking you through the process of achieving the design intent. Together, we can reimagine your house to become the perfect home for you. 

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How an Architect Can Help

An architect is able to bring insight and expertise that can greatly enhance every project, from large commercial ventures to small renovations. We're trained to recognize physical, spatial, and environmental possibilities. When approaching the initial design of a project, we think about how the building should be oriented in relation to the sun and what physical features of the property need to be considered. As we design, we place ourselves in the building: we consider the window and door placement in terms of how the rooms will function and be furnished. We take pride in our ability to maintain effective communication with our clients throughout the process, beginning with the initial consultation and moving through conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, and construction administration as the project is being finalized. We "build" our projects digitally and share 3-D representation with clients well before a shovel is put in the ground; this ensures a final project that aesthetically and functionally meets the expectations of the design intent. If you want to be truly happy with your project, you need an architect.

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