The following is an excerpt from a presentation given by our office at the Atlantic Builders Conference on March 20, 2024.

It’s a fact that the Senior (or “Seasoned”) population is rapidly growing, and the Active Adult/Independent Living market has amazing potential for the coming years. According to Nova1Advisor, the market size is $638.08 billion currently; by 2030, it is projected to be well over $800 billion. Builders, developers, and architects have an opportunity to ride this wave to increase business opportunities; however, if we want Seniors to ride our wave, we must give them what they are looking for, a wave that beckons to them!


Anyone who has been working in the Active Adult market already knows that the amenities that once seemed extravagant are now an expected part of the package. The “seasoned” citizens are anticipating a club house with a theater, fitness equipment, and great dining opportunities; but presuming people will give up the four or more-bedroom home where they raised their families for a townhouse or an apartment will require more than just providing the expected…they want more!

JRP Architects understands that Seniors, even those who are no longer interested in a single-family style home, are looking for an appealing residence that allows an increased ease of living, with first floor primary suites, well-appointed kitchens, and spacious living quarters for comfortable entertainment. Their new neighborhood should promote attractive options for socializing and recreation. The community, whether Active-Adult or Independent Living, should be designed to engage its members with activities to improve their lives; rather than sacrificing what they had, they should be able to look forward to a fun-filled, rewarding future.

Church Hill Farm at Deep Brook is a proposed community designed by JRP Architects that answers the needs of those who are looking to scale back from their family home and are searching for a place that will allow them to age comfortably while still providing a wealth of opportunities for enjoying life.

 For them, Church Hill offers townhomes with the same attention to detail and charm as cottages might, but with a bit more of an urban feel. A significant advantage of the community is that, even without the large yard that may have been part of their former residence, the extensive winding trails that are part of the design plan mean that everyone can enjoy a variety of recreation options along with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

 The site plan includes a meadow with walking trails for viewing the considerable wildlife, organic gardens, roof-top gardens, and a stream for those who are interested in fishing.

For those residents who may no longer be as active as they once were, Church Hill Farm Deep Brook offers luxury apartments, elegant Independent Living residences with even more conveniences for a worry-free lifestyle. The clubhouse, with its abundance of dining and entertainment options, is connected to the apartments, so there is never a need to go out in inclement weather. There are balconies overlooking the pool and gardens, so residents can enjoy the outdoors even when they don’t quite feel up to exploring the trails or visiting the roof-top spaces.

Becoming an older adult shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice a full life; many Seniors would like to continue to “surf the waves” rather than merely watch from the park bench. Everyone involved in the Senior Housing business should commit to providing older adults with a rich lifestyle that includes options for interests in hiking, fishing, kayaking, and gardening along with theater, dining, and indoor games. Activity keeps people physically, socially, and emotionally healthy; JRP Architects believes that it is imperative that we provide the wave that will keep them surfing!