Project Year
2020 - 2024

Birches at Lehigh Valley is a Personal Care Residence set in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. The accommodations are well-designed for the contemporary senior with every amenity available to make life comfortable, convenient, and fun. The atmosphere is bright and airy and is representative of the high-end living it affords.

Birches provides residents with amazing amenities, including a spectacular two-story dining room, a theater, a game room, a salon, an exercise room, craft rooms, a library, and gorgeous outdoor spaces.

The true jewel of the residence is the Memory Care; every effort is made to provide residents with an active and meaningful lifestyle. There are multiple stations throughout that give people an opportunity to tend to "infants" and "pets" in the form of life-like replicas. Residents can dress up in familiar clothes from the past and listen to music that was popular back in their heyday on a vintage radio. There is a place to "do laundry and iron clothes" and a mini workbench for doing projects.

The entire building design reflects a caring environment that provides all seniors, regardless of their needs. The physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of all of the residents at Briches is paramount, and that is obvious in the design, the amenities, the interior, and the atmosphere.