Church Hill Village

Project Year

Church Hill Village is a unique assisted living community located in the charming, historic town of Newtown.  The concept of the design was to create a homey atmosphere with a plan that has the appearance of a farmhouse connected to a two-story barn. The community is designed as its own village with four distinct "neighborhoods" (three for assisted living and one for memory care), each connected to the central spine of the community with glass enclosed corridors that open to landscaped courtyards.   The design follows biophilic principles, connecting the interior of the building to the exterior with large windows and skylights that provide an abundance of light.  The glass corridors open to numerous courtyards, each with a different theme to encourage their use and to help promote a healthy lifestyle.   Green walls in the interior of the building connect the outdoors to the inside spaces and help accomplish the intent of the project to maximize opportunities for the physical, social, and emotional health of the residents.