Liacouris Walk

Temple University Project

JRP Architects enthusiastically took on a redevelopment project for the Temple University Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project consisted of the conversion of existing three-story historic, but neglected, row houses in the center of the campus to 42,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space. The Architects not only worked with the developers to satisfy their program and budget, but also with Temple University, who was the major office tenant. Additionally, the architects designed the project to fit within the requirements of the Philadelphia Historic Commission who were charged with maintaining the historic fabric of the plan. The project included recreating Liacouris Walk, the existing pedestrian walkway, by connecting two buildings with a raised terrace. This addition allowed for handicap accessibility to the ground floor retail spaces and also provided a focal point for the campus walk. The major retail tenants included Dunkin Donuts, 7/11, and The Conwell Inn, a twenty-five-suite hotel.