We’ve all seen them in the plethora of Active-Adult Communities scattered across the country; they are the 55+ single-family homes that basically look like a two-car garage with a bit of house attached. The cookie cutter housing developments lack curb appeal, and despite their slightly different models, they all look the same…boring. 

JRP Architects understands that today’s older population wants a new home much like what they are leaving, but without the unnecessary space and all the upkeep of their former home. The “seasoned” population is shopping for a charming residence that allows for comfortable entertaining in an attractive atmostphere while also providing ease of living. No one is looking for a “garage with a house attached”, contemporary Seniors are a discerning group of people who want an attractive home with great curb appeal in a community that will provide them with many opportunities to socialize. The community should be designed to engage its members with activities to improve their lives; rather than sacrificing what they had, Seniors want to look forward to having more! 

The Village of Deep Brook, a proposed community by JRP Architects, answers the needs of those who longer want to be saddled with their inconvenient family home and are searching for a home that will allow them to age comfortably while still providing a wealth of opportunities for enjoying life. Seniors can move to a single-family cottage that is designed with a great deal of charm and includes first-floor masters, large entertainment areas, and beautiful kitchens. For many Seniors, this home will be an upgrade from what they had! 

Buyers at The Village of Deep Brook can also purchase homes with guest rooms on the second floor, and all cottages are designed with front porches and back patios to increase opportunities for socializing with neighbors. Absolutely no “house attached to a garage” homes in this community! Alleys behind the houses mean driveways are out of sight and give each house the curb appeal everyone wants!  

The Site Plan Showing Back Alley with Cottage Garages

The community, with its winding streets and many green spaces, has a true neighborhood feel that promotes a feeling of safety and well-being.  

Additionally, the well-appointed clubhouse affords residents many diverse opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Theaters, game-rooms, pubs, outdoor spaces, party rooms, lounges, and considerable dining options make life fun and engaging. When the movie or dinner is over, residents can stroll through their neighborhood with friends and gather for coffee or a drink on the front porch or back deck. 

In The Village of Deep Brook the Active-Adult community has been reimagined to create a stimulating, attractive, and productive environment for Seniors who, rather than sacrificing their full lives of the past, can look forward to years of engagement and exploration in a charming and beautiful new community.